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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four Alarm Fire in JP Home

A fire in the house at 14 Olmstead St went to 4 alarms before being brought under control by firefighters. Firefighters responded just after 6PM, and could see flames upon arrival. Companies announced that the fire was knocked down at about 10 minutes to 7. The fire department will remain on scene overhauling the building. Damage is believed to be extensive.

Photo by the Boston Fire Department

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High Speed Pursuit on Rt. 128 Northbound

At approximately 2:00 AM, a Massachusetts State Police Sergeant on patrol in cruiser 776 on Route 128 Northbound in the Canton area observed a vehicle operating erratically with the hazard lights on. When the trooper attempted to stop the vehicle, the female operator refused to pull over. Initial speeds were approximately 90 MPH, but the sergeant slowed down and secured his blue lights as the suspect's vehicle approached the construction detail setup near the East St. overpass.
Upon exiting the detail, the vehicle accelerated to approximately 110 miles per hour. Another trooper was able to successfully deploy spike strips near Exit 17, but the suspect continued to travel at a high rate of speed, even as her tires came off of the rims.
She then slowed to 40 MPH, drove in the breakdown lane and exited at Highland Ave, with both left tires completely gone. Officers pursued the vehicle down Highland Ave, until she came to a stop while attempting to make a u-turn at Winchester St in Newton. Newton PD were on scene and assisted troopers in safely taking the woman into custody. She was transported by State Police to the Milton Barracks. An ambulance was requested to meet the cruiser at the barracks due to reports that the woman may have been having psychiatric issues and be off of her medicine. The woman's vehicle was towed.
The entire pursuit lasted approximately 10 minutes.

All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fire on Albert St in Worcester

Just before 7:00 PM, the Worcester Fire Department responded to 7 Albert St for a fire in the building. Firefighters were faced with  heavy fire on the third floor of a three story building. It took them approximately 20 minutes to get the fire knocked down. Initial reports are that one was injured. The state fire marshal is on scene investigating the cause.
The American Red Cross responded to assist residents affected by the fire.

Accident in Dedham Shuts Down River St.

Around 4:00 PM, Dedham PD responded to an accident in the area of 20 River St. The accident was bad enough to require River St. to be shut down, and Boston PD assistance was requested in closing down River St. at the Boston/Dedham line.

Photo by Kevin Wiles

MBTA service in the area was also affected.

Homicide Investigation on Commonwealth Ave.

The Boston Police Department Homicide Unit was summonsed to 1387 Commonwealth Ave for a body found in a 4th floor apartment just before 11AM.

No further details are available.

Man Shoots Himself While Being Chased by Trooper

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was involved in a foot pursuit of an armed suspect in Chelmsford, when the suspect reportedly shot himself in the head. This occurred at approximately 11:30 PM in the 600 block of Wellman Ave. It is unknown at this time why police were chasing the suspect.
The suspect, described as a man in his 40's, was transported to Lowell General Hospital in traumatic arrest. Boston Medflight was put on standby to transport him to a Boston area hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.
A large crime scene was established on Wellman Ave. Police are on scene investigating the shooting.

All information is from the police scanner and is subject to change as more facts become available. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Chelmsford Patch picked up the story and linked to this blog.

Wicked Local Chelmsford says there was no pursuit, just a man who shot himself before staties could stop him.

2 Alarm Fire in Westford

At approximately 10:40 PM, Westford firefighters were called to a reported house fire at 10 Wilson Farm Rd. Upon arrival, they observed flames coming from the upper floor of the house, and immediately requested a second alarm company dispatched.
Firefighters went to work battling fire on the 2nd floor and attic. By 11:10, the fire in the attic was under control, and twenty minutes after that, the bulk of the fire was knocked down.
One resident was transported by EMS with burns to 1/4th of her body.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Person Airlifted After Accident in Lowell

Lowell Police and Fire were called to respond to a multi-car accident at the intersection of Andover St. & Nesmith St. just before 6:30 PM. Once on scene, they reported that at least one victim was trapped in their vehicle, and one car was on fire. Boston Medflight was requested for one victim with multi-systems trauma. The helicopter landed near Memorial Stadium off Douglas Rd and transported the victim to Mass General Hospital in Boston. The victim's condition is unknown at this time.

Drive-by Shooting on Annunciation Rd

Boston Police responded to a shots fired call at 50 Annunciation Rd shortly after 6:00 PM. Witnesses reported that an Hispanic male shot from the window of an older grey Honda Accord with MA plate #6CL560. The vehicle, which had two other occupants, fled down Parker St. towards Ruggles St.
No one was injured in the shooting. If you see this vehicle, or have any other information regarding this shooting, please contact the Boston Police Department.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What Am I Listening To?

A number of people have asked what about what I listen to on a regular basis (Along with "How many scanners do you have going, anyways?"). Here's the answer:

I run two handheld scanners, a Uniden BC346XT and a BCD396XT. I find that any more than two scanners at a time can be a little of a pain.

On the 346XT, I listen to the Massachusetts State Police. I usually also have the Massport trunked system on that scanner as well. Listening to the MSP saves me a lot of trouble, in that I don't have to listen to individual police departments. Anything major invariably ends up getting rebroadcast by MSP. From anywhere in the Boston area, you can hear the following:

A Troop, covering the area North of Boston all the way to the New Hampshire border, and West to Haverhill.

C Troop, covering all of central Mass.

D Troop, covering Southern and Eastern Mass.

E Troop covers the entire Mass Pike from New York to Boston, and most of the "Big Dig" project roads in Boston.

F Troop is on the Massport system, and covers Logan airport.

H Troop covers Eastern Mass, from Boston down to Foxboro.

Also operating on the MSP system are MEMA, the state Fire Marshal, Department of Fire Safety/Hazmat, Environmental PD, and a mess of other stuff.

On the 396XT, I listen to the following:

US Federal agencies. I can regularly hear the FBI, CBP, ICE, and Secret Service, as well as FPS, NPS, and TSA. I don't listen to this so much to update twitter and facebook, they're just something I'm personally interest me. Plus, if you're going to shell out a bunch of money for a digital scanner, you might as well listen to the fun stuff.

BAPERN/NEMLEC. Whenever a police department needs to notify their neighbors of something, they use one of these channels.

Fire mutual aid. Most fire departments require coverage or assistance from nearby towns whenever they have a fire. Each county operates radio frequencies dedicated to this. In the Boston area, there's Mass Metrofire.

Fire Buffs. These are organizations whose members are interested in always knowing what's happening. I listen to Fire Radio Systems, Boston Citywide, Metro Radio, Providence Citywide, Middlesex Radio, Merrimack Valley, and Statewide New Hampshire.

Medevac. Medical helicopters fly in and out of Boston transporting patients with traumatic injuries (among other things). I listen to Boston Medflight, UMass LifeFlight, and DHART.

I'm also scanning through the air and marine emergency channels, as well as the frequencies for military air in this area.

Both scanners have all of the area police and fire frequencies programmed in, so when something happens, I can lock in with either one. So far, this system has been working pretty good. If you think I'm missing anything good, or want any more information, leave a comment below.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SWAT Response at Burlington Mall for Man with Umbrella

This morning, police received a single report from two shoppers at the mall that they saw a man with what they believed to be a short rifle, or a rifle case, strapped to his backpack. Police responded and the mall was evacuated, a massive search was conducted for the suspect, numerous people matching the description were stopped and interviewed by the police, etc. In the end, the person in question called the police and explained that he was probably the person they were looking for. The gun turned out to be an umbrella.
People have quite a few questions about what happened, what went right, and what went wrong. I'm going to do my best to answer them.

Q: Why did these women report this?

A: In this day and age, we're constantly told "If you see something, say something". If the person had turned out to have an actual gun, and had shot people, we'd all be blaming them for not making a report. Civilians aren't trained police officers, so should they be held to the same standard? Interestingly, it wasn't always this way. Here's a quote from an FBI publication, Atomic Bombing: How to Protect Yourself, from 1950 (I found it in Bruce Schneier's blog):

Of course, millions of us will go through our lives never seeing a spy or a saboteur going about his business. Thousands of us may, at one time or another, think we see something like that. Only hundreds will be right. It would be foolish for all of us to see enemy agents lurking behind every tree, to become frightened of our own shadows and report them to the F.B.I.
But we are citizens, we might see something which might be useful to the F.B.I. and it is our duty to report what we see. It is also our duty to know what is useful to the F.B.I. and what isn't.
If you think your neighbor has "radical" views -- that is none of your or the F.B.I.'s business. After all, it is the difference in views of our citizens, from the differences between Jefferson and Hamilton to the differences between Truman and Dewey, which have made our country strong.
But if you see your neighbor -- and the views he expresses might seem to agree with yours completely -- commit an act which might lead you to suspect that he might be committing espionage, sabotage or subversion, then report it to the F.B.I.

Even if it is still considered a citizen's duty to know what is useful to the police and what isn't, how much exposure does the average citizen have to guns? Are they expected to know what every type of weapon looks like? This is actually not that uncommon; I once chased down a man specifically reported to have a silver revolver with wood grips in a holster on his belt. When I found him, it turned out to be a large key ring.

Q:  What is wrong with mall security? Those idiots can't tell an umbrella from a gun?

A: As far as I can tell, mall security had nothing to do with this call. The callers reported it directly to the police, and by the time they reported it, the man was already out of site. Mall security helped police to evacuate the mall.

In general, though, mall security guards do not have any special training (although many are retired police, ex-military, etc.). Many also have no police powers, cannot search you or your belongings, and cannot even compel you to stop. If you expect an unarmed guard, working an entry level job for $10 an hour, with no authority, to go running towards a man reported to have a gun and evaluate the situation and handle it as a police officer would, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Q: Why was there such a massive response? I heard on the radio there were four police helicopters!

A: First of all, there was only one police helicopter on scene, MSP Air 2. The rest were all from news stations.

I believe the main component behind todays response was that no one knew where the individual might be. So, worst case scenario, you have an armed man, possibly hiding somewhere in the mall, possibly in a nearby building, or maybe walking around. It takes a massive amount of manpower to be able to conduct a search on that scale, and with something like this, you don't want to take your time with it. SWAT teams, etc., are needed in the event it really does turn into an active shooter type situation.

Q: What did the umbrella look like?

A: I saw it on TV, and it appeared to be one of these, or very similar:

It was the bigger one. If you want one of your own, you can get it here. The umbrella case also has a strap, so that it can be slung over the shoulder like a rifle would be, which may have made it look more gun-like.

Q: (From Dale J) I have heard reports from people inside the mall about the chaos and lack of information they had. Do they do tests?

A: Well, that's a good question. I can confirm from scanner reports that the situation was a bit chaotic, some of which, I imagine, is to be expected. For example, initially there was confusion about whether or not one employee from each store would remain inside to assist police. Also, while most employees were evacuated, some locked themselves in the offices of the stores. One employee was on TV reporting that they first heard of the incident from other shoppers.

As for whether or not they run drills at the mall, I have no idea. I'm sure they certainly don't run them with real, unsuspecting shoppers. If you've ever been in the mall when the fire alarm goes off, you know that most people just keep shopping. Trying to evacuate a busy mall must be a very difficult task. I would guess that the police department has run exercises at the mall (in fact, that morning, they were running active shooter drills at the high school), but I don't know if they involve employees or not, or to what degree. If anyone has any information on this, please let me know.

Q: (From Kitty) How old was the man with the rifle/umbrella? He must have been pretty scared when police were bearing down on him!

A: He's around 20, and while he looked a little intimidated on the TV, he did call the police himself, which is a very admirable move. I think most people would not have, and that fact that he did allowed them to bring a tense situation to a close. Without him making that phone call, police would have had to continue to search and run down leads and reports of suspect sightings.

Q: What do I do if there is a report of an active shooter in my workplace?

A: Click this link to view the Department of Homeland Securities guidelines.

I'll continue to answer questions as they come up. Please post them along with your comments, thoughts, complaints, etc, in the comments section below.

LifeFlight Called to Serious Accident in Uxbridge

Shortly before 8:00 AM, Uxbridge fire responded to a motor vehicle accident at 540 Mendon St (Route 16). Upon arrival, they found four vehicles involved, including an excavator.

Photo by Matthew Gregoire
Six people has to be rescued from their vehicles, including an elderly male who had sustained serious injuries. UMass LifeFlight responded and transported the elderly male patient to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. The victim had been heavily entrapped in the vehicle, and the Jaws of Life had to be used to free him.
Photo by Matthew Gregoire
Firefighters also had to peel back the roof of the vehicle. 
Photo by Matthew Gregoire
Excellent photos and information by Matthew Gregoire. Follow him on twitter, or check out his website.

Friday, April 15, 2011

East Boston Man Indicted for Allegedly Robbing Banks with Fake Bombs

The US Attorney's Office announced today the William DeVincenzi was indicted today for a series of four bank robberies in Everett, Winthrop, and Boston.

Per the indictment:

On March 3rd, 2011, DeVincenzi allegedly robbed the East Boston Savings Bank at 1755 Revere Beach Parkway in Everett, in which $1900 was taken. A fake pipe bomb was left behind, and the bomb squad had to respond and the area had to be evacuated.

On March 4th, 2011, DeVincenzi allegedly robbed the Bank of America at 25 Bartlett St in Winthrop, taking $3483.

On March 8th, 2011, DeVincenzi and an accomplice, Theodore Sawtelle were surveilled while on the MBTA in Boston. FBI agents observed them allegedly preparing to rob the Bank of America at 104 Canal St. in Boston. Agents believe he was changed his mind due to a Boston Police detail officer being near the bank (for an unrelated reason).

On March 9th, 2011, DeVincenzi and Sawtelle were taken into custody near North Station when they again approached the Bank of America on Canal St. At that time DeVincenzi was allegedly carrying another fake pipe bomb.

The two men face up to 25 years in prison if convicted. Suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Of course, you saw it here first :-):

Man Lifeflighted After Industrial Accident in Franklin

Franklin FD received a call shortly before 11AM for a male injured in an industrial accident at the Clark-Cutler-McDermott plant at 5 Fisher St. EMT's requested UMass LifeFlight respond due to the victim having severe facial injuries, described as "being cut from the corner of his mouth to his ear".

The fire department established a landing zone, and the patient was transported via helicopter to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. The injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Domestic in Salsbury Leads to Manhunt in Rowley

Early this morning, Salsbury PD responded to a domestic violence call, but the suspect and victim had already fled the scene. Evidence of an assault was discovered at the home.

Shortly after 5:30, the suspect's vehicle was found abandoned at the weigh station on the Southbound side of I-95 just after exit 54. A large amount of blood was found in the van and on the ground. Massachusetts State Police troopers, assisted by K9 and a helicopter, searched the Georgetown-Rowley woods for the two people involved.

Both parties were located in the woods behind King George Drive in Boxford shortly after 9 AM. The victim was reported to have multiple stab wounds and was transferred to an ambulance in an unknown condition to Beverly Hospital. The suspect was taken into custody, and was also transported by EMS to Anna Jacques Hospital for unknown injuries. State police continue to search the area for the weapon, believed to be a kitchen knife.

Salsbury PD is handling the investigation.

All information is unconfirmed and is based on police radio traffic, and as such, is subject to change as the situation evolves.

2 Alarm Fire in JP Sends Firefighter to the Hospital

Shortly before 11:30 on April 14thtonight, fire broke out on the third floor of the 3 story house at 17 Glade St. The Boston Fire Department responded, and a 2nd alarm was ordered on arrival due to fire showing from the windows on the top floor, and due to initial reports that residents were trapped in the home.

Photo by Boston Fire Department

The fire was quickly brought under control, and primary & secondary searches of the building were completed, with no residents being found. During the search of the basement, companies discovered a natural gas leak. The gas company was requested to respond, & firefighters were able to secure the gas.

The home sustained extensive damage to the front of the building on the third floor, including the 3rd floor porch. Cause of the fire is unknown.

One firefighter was transported by EMS to an area hospital with unknown injuries. The injuries are believed to be non-threatening.

Per the Boston Globe, 11 people lived in the house at the time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tracking the Boston Fire Department Fireboat

The Boston Fire Department operates one main fireboat, a 72 foot long craft named "Firefighter". The boat is headquartered at Burroughs Wharf in the North End of Boston. It's been in service since 1972, but is due to be replaced soon. Besides responding to boat fires, the BFD Marine Unit also responds to bridge fires, pier fires, and marine rescue situations.

Marine vessels over 300 tons, and all passenger vessels, are required to be fitted with what is known as AIS (Automatic Identification System). Tugs, pilots, and rescue vessels are also commonly equipped with this system, which constantly transmits location, course, and speed information. 

These transmissions can be monitored by anyone with the right equipment. Commonly, these are shared and fed into a centralized database and plotted on a map by a service like Ship Finder. You can use this website to track the Firefighter, as you can see below (the large orange & red icon). 

You can also use this website to track the cargo ships that come in and out of port, including the large LNG tankers. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MBTA Green Line Train Derails

An MBTA Green Line train has come off the tracks at Huntington Ave & South Huntington Ave. No one was injured. The train in question was on the inbound side.

Photo by @NightOwlCity

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proposed Bill Would Give Death Benefits to "Fire Police"

Joe Courtney, the Democratic representative from Connecticut, has introduced legislation in the House to provide federal death benefits to "fire police" who are killed in the line of duty.

Currently, families of members of police & fire departments, as well as EMT's employed by a government, are authorized to receive cash payments when the member is killed in the line of duty. The proposed law would add fire police to the list. Fire police are defined in the bill as a person who:

is serving in accordance with State or local law as an officially recognized or designated member of a legally organized public safety agency but is not a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, a chaplain, or a member of a rescue squad or ambulance crew who..provides scene security or directs traffic 
Federal, state & local emergency management officials are also currently covered, but only when they are involved in an actual declared disaster.

Read the full text of the proposed change here.

Do non-law enforcement, non-firefighter personnel deserve to be included in this group? Weigh in below, in the comments section.

Dedham Bus Accident Sends Six to the Hospital

At approximately 3:20 this afternoon, police and fire were called to an accident involving the Route 34E MBTA bus and another vehicle in the 100 block of Providence Highway (near the Stop & Shop). Fallon EMS responded and transported 5 persons that were on the bus to the hospital, all with non-life threatening neck & back injuries. The driver of the car was transported for similar injuries.

Two Alarm Blaze on Mill St in Bellingham

When firefighters arrived at 10 Mill St at 6:20 this morning, there was already heavy fire visible from the outside. Firefighters were brought in from Franklin to help, but the fire proved difficult, and a second alarm was called for at around 6:30. The fire was in a commercial building.

By 7:00, the fire was under control. Cause of the fire remains unknown, and the Massachusetts Fire Marshal's office was contacted to investigate.

Photos by Michael Fay

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wilmington B&E/Tewksbury high speed pursuit

A breaking & entering in Wilmington led to a high speed chase in Tewksbury and Lowell.

A Wilmington homeowner returned home to find a strange car in her driveway. Upon entering her house, she observed a white male flee from her home in the strange car.

Tewksbury PD observed the vehicle wanted in connection with the B&E, and attempted to make a stop. The vehicle fled from police at a high rate of speed on Whipple St into Lowell, where the officers lost sight of it.

The vehicle is registered to a Chelmsford woman, and it is believed her boyfriend is operating the vehicle and is also the suspect in the B&E. The suspect's license is also revoked. Suspect has a lengthy criminal history, including assault & battery on a police officer, use of a taser, & posession of mace. He was previously arrested in Chelmsford in April 2006.

Lowell PD located the vehicle in their city. It is believed the suspect bailed from the vehicle in the area of Pond St. & Pleasant St. Lowell PD, an NEMLEC bloodhound, MSP, and airwing Air 4 are searching the area. Suspect is described as tall, with short grey hair and extensive tattoos on his upper body.

As of 12:21 search is being terminated. LPD/MSP will continue checking the suspect's previous addresses. The grey Audi from the pursuit has been recovered.

April 11th Incidents

03:22 Chelsea, MA: Two alarm fire on arrival for the house at 74 Addison St. Went to a 3rd alarm.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th Incidents

01:26 Lynn, MA: LPD officer shot an armed suspect at 14 Linwood St. Suspect was a male in his 20's, and was transported to MGH.

03:26 Worcester, MA: 2 persons shot in the chest at 23 Crown St. Both victims were pronounced dead at UMass Medical Center.

07:55 Haddam, CT: MVA with entrapment and serious injuries on Route 9 near exit 10. Lifestar helicopter landed on the roadway and transported one victim to Hartford Hospital.

10:45 Chelsea, MA: A male in his 40's jumped from the Tobin Bridge. Located below on the Chelsea side and transported by EMS to Mass General Hospital. EMS reports patient is conscious and alert, but has serious injuries.

15:33 Somerville, MA: Fire at 8 Howe St.

16:38 Malden, MA: Three alarm fire in a large house at 58 Porter St.

16:52 Salisbury, MA: Boston Medflight landed at the ball fields for an adult male with multiple head wounds as a result of being struck with an axe on the rail trail at Lion's Park. The suspect remains at large. victim was flown to the Brigham & Women's Hospital trauma center.

18:11 Biddeford, MA: A small plane crashed into a house on Granite Ave, resulting in the house catching on fire. The pilot of the Cessna was killed, the home's occupants were not injured.

19:49 Stoneham, MA: 2 alarm fire in a garage at 16 Parkway Drive.

20:04 Boston, MA: Ladder 16 reports an outside fire in the woods behind the Walgreens at 972 American Legion Hwy. Brush units requested to respond.

21:33 Malden , MA: Fire showing from the roof at 162 Belmont St.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9th Incidents

01:19 Taunton, MA: Motor vehicle accident with entrapment and serious injuries on Route 140.

02:23 Foxboro, MA: Motor vehicle accident with entrapment and serious injuries on Cohasset St. at Forest Corner. Jaws of life used. Medflight and LifeFlight requested, neither flying at the time.

02:44 Hartford, CT: Motor vehicle accident with entrapment and serious injuries on Franklin Ave at Pawtucket St. Jaws of life and Hurst tool used. Multiple ambulances requested for 5 total patients.

05:00 Springfield, MA: Fire showing on arrival from an occupied 2.5 story woodframe house at 43 Castle St.

06:15 Lynn, MA: Person robbed at gunpoint at Johnson St. & Hanover St.

07:57 Boston, MA: Fire in the walls of a 2.5 story woodframe house at 26 Westford St.

09:30 Bellingham, MA: UMass LifeFlight requested for a male in his 40 with fingers amputated in an industrial accident at 60 Monique Dr.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8th Incidents

01:10 Boston, MA: BFD Engine 5 on scene on I-90 Westbound in the Ted Williams Tunnel requesting a technical rescue response for a MassDOT employee trapped 15-20 feet down in a two foot wide hole. Victim is believed to have a broken leg and is in about three feet of water. Worker was successfully extricated and transported to MGH.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

01:26 Medford, MA: Multi-car accident with a car rolled over at Harvard St. & Winchester St.

02:19 Boston, MA: Person robbed at gunpoint on Washington St at Woodley Ave. Suspect described as an Hispanic male in his 20's, 5'5", stocky, wearing blue jeans and a ball cap.

11:00 Arlington, MA: Box 718 transmitted for a working fire on the porch at 18 Ronald Rd.

11:28 Grafton, MA: A 5 gallon spill of Nitric Acid at Dana Trucking, 86 Westoboro Rd, created a large vapor cloud. GFD handling incident, area schools advised to shut down ventilation and shelter in place. Photo:

13:29 Boston, MA: Police responded to a "shots fired" call on Heath St. Two suspects fled from the scene toward the Jackson Square MBTA station. The suspects then ran along the MBTA tracks towards Ruggles, causing MBTA Orange Line service to be shut down.

16:21 Springfield, MA: Small fire in the attic at 27 Armory St.

16:52 Boston, MA: Fire on the 3rd floor deck at 33 Egremont Rd.

16:55 Fitchburg, MA: 2 alarm fire in a 2.5 story house at 75 Falulah St. Fire spread to the adjacent house. Original fire building suffered a partial roof collapse.

18:03 Brookline, MA: A masked tall white male brandished a large hunting knife and robbed the J.E. Pierce Apothecary. Suspect fled in a 2010 black Ford Focus with MA plate 84P160.

21:20 Providence, RI: Working fire in an unoccupied 1.5 story structure at 9 School St.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th Incidents

00:08 Boston, MA: Rollover motor vehicle accident at Morrissey Blvd & Freeport St. Two patients transported to BMC.
Photo posted on by Mark Parkinson

01:17 Chelsea, MA: Person assaulted with a blunt object and stabbed multiple times in front of King Arthur's Motel & Lounge at 200 Beacham St. EMS transported to Mass General.

01:46 Dudley, MA: Motor vehicle accident with entrapment and serious injuries at 88 Southbridge Rd. LifeFlight requested and responded for an adult male patient and transported him to UMass Hospital. 

02:16 Deerfield, NH: Structure fire at 3 Loon Ledge Lane. House well involved on arrival.

03:30 Boston, MA: Person stabbed at 33 Regina St. EMS transported victim to Boston Medical Center.

05:22 Boston, MA: Dunkin Donuts at 5 Austin St. in Charlestown robbed at knifepoint. 15 minutes later, the same suspect robbed the Dunkin Donuts at 99 Cambridge St. Suspect is a white male, 25-30 years old, wearing a green jacket.

07:51 Durham, NH: Fire in a house at 10 Woodside Dr.

08:59 Boston, MA: Fire on the porch at 111 Williams St.

10:35 Northbridge, MA: Fire on the porch at 9 Leland Rd.

10:36 Arlington, MA: FD reporting an injured party on the roof at 3 Greenwood St. Requesting Ladder 1 respond to assist.

11:05 Oxford, MA: 3 alarm fire in a barn at 157 Old Webster Rd. Tanker shuttle established.

12:33 Gloucester, MA: GPD & MSP searched a wooded area off of 11 Lawrence Mountain Rd for a 76 year old dementia patient who had been missing since yesterday morning. MSP K9 and Air 2 were on scene assisting. K9 located the man's body in the woods. Crime scene unit is investigating.

14:41 Everett, MA: Fire in a shed attached to a commercial building on 2nd Street. FD was able to bring the fire under control with minimal damage to the building.

14:27 Boston, MA: BPD SWAT requested to 1953 Washington St for two armed men barricaded inside a garage there. Photo collection can be found here.

17:40 Lynn, MA: Motor vehicle accident involving a motorcyclist on Myrtle St at Florence St. Motorcyclist was transported by EMS to Boston Medical Center with a trauma 2 alert.

18:15 Saugus, MA: Fire in the kitchen at 61 Stone St. Knocked down quickly.

19:10 Acton, MA: Fatal motor vehicle accident on Route 2 near Wetherbee St. 

20:35 Beverly, MA: Fire in the gas station at 449 Cabot St.

22:25 Marlboro, MA: Fatal motor vehicle accident on I-495 Northbound.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th Incidents

00:59 Fall River, MA: Working fire on the exterior of an unoccupied dwelling undergoing renovation at 40 Church St.

09:55 Boston, MA: Mark LePage, suspect in the Eastern Bank robbery in Peabody on Monday, was taken into custody in Boston. LePage was identified as a suspect within 30 minutes of the robbery, and has a long history of armed robbery and violent crime. A BOLO was issued for LePage last night by the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force. LePage had recently been released from prison and was staying in the area off of Shirley Ave in Revere.
During the robbery, the LePage is alleged to have taken approximately $20,000, and also received "bait money".

11:03 Hartford, CT: Fatal shooting at 15 Thomaston St.

11:20 Revere, MA: Suspect wanted on warrants led Revere PD on a foot pursuit to 4 Rand St. MSP requested to respond with K9. Suspect was originally on the roof, then hiding in the building, before he was taken into custody.

11:49 Burlington, MA: 5 car MVA on I-95 Northbound at Winn St.

12:51 West Haven, CT: Working fire in a house at 9 Baldwin St.

14:38 Abington, MA: Fire in an unoccupied barn in the 300 block of Plymouth St.

15:13 Warwick, RI: Fire at 38 Baker St.

15:45 Boston, MA: Alert 1 at Logan Airport for Delta flight #1723 from Boston to Detroit. Boeing 737-800 aircraft with 175 people on board forced to return to Boston after experiencing a mechanical problem in flight. No in flight emergency declared, aircraft landed without incident.

16:39 Burriville, RI: Working fire in the 600 block of Steere Farm Rd.

17:40 Cambridge, MA: Fire in the basement at 1245 Cambridge St.

17:41 Foxboro, MA: Brush fire off of I-495 near the Spruce St overpass. Spreading towards houses.

18:20 Arlington, MA: 3 alarm fire at 100 Appleton St. Fire began in a garage and spread to the attic of a home.
Photo uploaded to Twitpic by Kevin Wiles, Jr.

19:00 Boston, MA: Small fire on Pier 1 in East Boston (off Marginal St.) due to careless cigarette disposal. BFD and MassPort fire trucks and boat responded.

20:52 Marblehead, MA: 19 year old male fell 3 stories out a window at 141 Pleasant St. Boston Medflight landed on the ball diamond at Seaside Park and transported the patient to the Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston.

21:04 Cranston, RI: Fire on the roof of a commercial building at 800 Wellington Ave.

21:15 Manchester, NH: Fire at 336 Notre Dame Ave.

22:35 Belmont, NH: Chimney fire extended to the building at 300 Hurricane Rd.

23:00 Boston, MA: Shots fired call at 97 West Concord St. BPD responded and located ballistic evidence. Suspect was described witnesses as a black male in a grey hoodie who fled down Shawmut towards Mass Ave.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th Incidents

00:30 Boston, MA: MBTA PD pursuing a vehicle that refused to stop on I-90 Westbound. Vehicle stopped near the Allston tolls, one suspect in custody.

02:30 Boston, MA: Male was assaulted at 116 Harvard Ave by three males who fled on Brighton Ave. Victim was transported to the Boston Medical Center.

04:05 Brockton, MA: Person found DOA with a gunshot wound to the head on Somerset Place.

07:58 Peabody, MA: Rollover MVA on Route 1 Northbound at I-95. No seat belts. Passenger was ejected from the vehicle. Both patients transported to MGH w/ head injuries. MSP photo reconstruction responded.
Photo courtesy of Tim Decareau, posted on AlertNewEngland Facebook

10:21 Boston, MA: Alert 1 declared at Logan Airport for inbound Spirit Air flight 610, an Airbus A318 from Hollywood International Airport in Florida. Pilot reported he lost cabin pressure at 4000 feet while descending into Logan. Cabin had already been depressurized for landing. Flight landed safely without incident.

10:25 Worcester, MA: Small fire in a bathroom fan at 326 Lovell St., FD knocked down quickly.

15:17 Chicopee, MA: Fire on the porch at 15 Catherine St.

16:36 Worcester, MA: 3 alarm fire in a 3 story woodframe house at 133 Plantation St.
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17:03 Boston, MA: BFD Ladder 29 involved in an accident at Harvard & Morton Streets. Minor injuries.
Photo posted on ActionPage Systems Facebook

19:43 Newton, MA: Small fire in an oven in the house at 237 Langley Rd.

19:45 Worcester, MA: Working fire on the 2nd floor at 16 Seward St.

23:20 Kingston, MA: Cumberland Farms at 41 Main St robbed by a white male armed with a large metal pipe.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th Early Morning incidents

I can't find anything interesting happening overnight.

On a side note, typing this blog title made me think of this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd Early Morning Incidents

00:05 West Bridgewater, MA: MSP air wing, WBPD, and PCSD K9 conduct search operations for a man who entered a swampy wooded area off Maple St at approx. 19:00 to chase his dog and became disoriented. Air 2 located the victim at approx 01:15 and guided in rescuers. The man and his dog were both rescued and are o.k.

00:30 Sanford, ME: Heavy fire on the second floor of a duplex at 35 Lebanon St. EMS treated one patient for smoke inhalation.

00:58 Lowell, MA: Fire in a commercial trailer on Western Ave.

01:33 Weston, MA: MVA with entrapment and injuries Eastbound on the Mass Pike just before Exit 14.

03:09 Boston, MA: Person stabbed 3 times in the abdomen and once in the hand after a fight at 83 Brighton Ave.

03:52 Boston, MA: Box 1585 struck for fire in the walls at 450 Beacon St.

04:44 Boston, MA: BPD located shell casings at 414 Mass Ave after reports of two people shooting at each other.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd Early Morning Incidents

02:36 Boston, MA: Motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Washington St. at School St. Jaws of life used to remove two victims, who was transported to the Boston Medical Center. Boston PD reports the driver of the vehicle later died of her injuries.

03:33 Boston, MA: Female walked into the emergency room at BMC with two fingers cut off, was not cooperative with police.

04:09 Cambridge, MA: 7-11 at 750 Mass Ave robbed at gunpoint. Suspect took cigars and cigarettes.

05:14 Nashua, NH: 3 alarm fire at 47 Chestnut St. in a 2 1/2 story woodframe house, well involved.

05:54 Boston, MA: Gerard's at 772 Adams St robbed at gunpoint. Suspect took cash and lottery tickets.

06:30 Brockton, MA: Motor vehicle accident with severe injuries on Route 24 Southbound near Belmont St. Patient was ejected from the vehicle. Boston Medflight landed on the highway and transported one patient with head trauma and leg amputation to Mass General Hospital.

08:41 Weston, MA: Motor vehicle accident/rollover with entrapment at 154 Newton St.