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Friday, September 7, 2012

Audio from RAMA41, B-1 rotation

Flight of B-1 Lancers returned home to the US today. After crossing the Atlantic, they were refueled by tankers over Nova Scotia, and then proceeded towards Massachusetts Bay. While en route, their flight plan had to be adjusted. Here's the audio of the Boston Center controller giving them their new routing. Audio is courtesy of

And here's the flight plan on a map: RAMA41 flight plan SEY to DYS

Here's what it sounds like when you fly too close to the president

Whenever the president is in town, a restricted airspace is set up in the area. Often times, pilots of smaller planes don't check the current restrictions and end up inadvertently entering the restricted space. The US Air Force tracks all these planes, and will come up on the aviation emergency channel 121.5 MHz (known as 'VHF Guard') to warn them away from, or out of, the area. Quite a few planes have wandered into the airspace this afternoon. Here's a recording of the radio transmissions of them getting 'yelled at' by the Air Force:

TRF violators by AlertNewEngland

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Military Logs, September 4th

Mode S Logs:
Time (Z) Call     Type    Tail     Force  Unit    Base Sqwk Alt.  Hex  
02:39:29 RCH748  KC-135R  62-3559  USAF    22ARW  KIAB            ADFF0D
03:14:43 RCH434  KC-135R  62-3506  NH ANG 133ARS  KPSM            AE024D
04:10:56 CMB1115 MD-11F   N271WA   World Airways       5651 33000 A2AC28
04:49:25 RCH458   C-17A   07-7177  USAF     3AS   KDOV 2164 33000 AE146F
06:37:44 RCH825   C-17A   07-7184  USAF   437AW   KCHS 0722 32000 AE20C5
06:38:51 CMB1029 MD-11F   N383WA   World Airways       2714 37025 A46864
08:38:05 DEUCE04 KC-10A   83-0082  USAF   305AMW  KWRI            AE0218*
08:49:12 BRK57    C-17A   02       NATO                           477FF2*
09:11:50 RCH599   C-17A   02-1111  USAF    62AW   KTCM            AE117D
10:51:27 RCH833   C-17A   02-1100  USAF   437AW   KCHS 2434 33000 AE1172
12:10:34         UC-12F   163840   USN            KNGU 3516 11550 AE06E2
13:18:58 MAINE85 KC-135R  63-8873  ME ANG 132ARS  KBGR            AE07C4
13:52:58 RCH358T  C-17A   90-0535  AFRC    89AS   KFFO            AE07D4*
14:19:69 RRR5906  C-130   ZH869    RAF                 7213 27975 43C198
14:35:34 PACK11  KC-135R  64-14836 NH ANG 133ARS  KPSM 4673  7200 AE048D*
14:37:12 C6037   MH-60T   6037     USCG           KFMH            AE2914
14:57:34 PACER98  C-21A   84-0129  USAF   457AS   KADW            AE0178
15:07:24 MAINE86 KC-135R  58-0030  ME ANG 132ARS  KBGR            AE04B9
15:16:08 POLO99   C-17A   98-0057  NY ANG 137AS   KSWF 1131 20000 AE0803*
16:03:22 TOPCAT4 KC-135R  63-8040  NJ ANG 141ARS  KWRI            AE0674*
16:18:56 RCH358T  C-17A   90-0535  AFRC    89AS   KFFO 7302 19500 AE07D4
17:20:06 RODD03   C-5B    86-0019  AFRC   337AS   KCEF 4652 15700 AE0570
17:41:55 RCH780  KC-135R  58-0120  AFRC   465ARS  KTIK 3461 37700 AE023D
18:12:21 RCH690   C-5M    85-0007  USAF     9AS   KDOV 7077 31000 AE0564*
19:11:28 SKIER78 LC-130H  92-1095  NY ANG 139AS   KSCH            ADFDB5
19:27:00 S000     C-37A   99-0404  USAF    99AS   KADW 2124 28700 AE04F9
21:13:49 RCH715   C-17A   06-6157  USAF    21AS   KSUU            AE145B
21:33:26 RCH235   C-17A   07-7170  USAF     3AS   KDOV 3626 33000 AE1468
21:58:17 TABOO02 KC-135R  62-3547  NH ANG 133ARS  KPSM 3436 33100 AE0145
22:25:16 RCH709   C-5B    87-0044  USAF    60AMW  KSUU            AE0589 

Listings in red landed or took off from a New England airport. Items followed by a * have additional information posted below. All times are Zulu (+4).

06:38 CAMBER1029 was a Department of Defense contract flight from Constanta Mihail Kogalniceanu Intl in Romania to Baltimore/Washington International, followed by Joint Base McGuire.
09:00 BARTOK57 refueled from DEUCE04 along AR20(NE) before heading back to Europe. DEUCE04 returned to Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst.
13:46 REACH358T landed at Portsmouth International with equipment in support of a visit by the President and First Lady, accompanied by the Vice President and Second Lady on Friday. Looks like the plane stopped for about 2 1/2 hours before departing to the south. 
14:11 POLO99 refueled from PACK11 in AR-631. Both planes returned to their home bases.

16:26 TOPCAT04 landed at Bangor International.

18:05 REACH690 heard calling HUNTRESS (NORAD NorthEast Air Defense Sector) on 364.2 for a Mode 4 check. Headed overseas.

There was also a lot of activity by the Massachusetts Air National Guard 104th Fighter Wing F-15's today. Here's a short clip:

23:33 RODD99 takes off from Westover and is forced to shut down an engine and declare an emergency. Here's the audio (long silences were cut down), courtesy of :
RODD99 In Flight Emergency by AlertNewEngland

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Accident in Weymouth leaves one seriously injured

One person sustained serious injuries during an accident just before 3:00 this afternoon near the intersection of Main Street and Park Avenue. A car reportedly reportedly rear-ended a Fallon ambulance. Reports say the ambulance driver was uninjured, but the driver of the car was unresponsive. He was transported from the scene in traumatic arrest. His condition is unknown at this time. Weymouth PD are investigating the accident.

Bank Robbery in Boston

The Citizen's Bank at 1628 Tremont Street was robbed just before noon this morning by a suspect who reportedly claimed he had an explosive device on him. The suspect received money after passing a note to the teller, and fled on foot towards Francis Street. A dye pack was given and police are reporting it did explode. The suspect is described as a black male wearing all black and a long black coat, who may be covered in bright red dye now. A man matching the description was stopped in Mission Park, and witnesses from the bank were brought to potentially identify him. The suspect's note was located by a Boston Police detail officer on St. Albans St.

UPDATE: Boston PD confirming they have the suspect in custody.

MSP STOP team called to Leominster

Leominster PD responded to a call involving a barricaded subject who might be armed this morning on Liberty Street, and requested Massachusetts State Police STOP team assistance. The subject, a 19 year old woman, was reported to be barricaded in the basement with access to a black powder rifle, a .22 rifle, and possibly a handgun. Police established a perimeter around the residence, and fire trucks and an ambulance staged nearby. Parts of the neighborhood were reported to be evacuated, and area roads were shut down. The stand off continued for about an hour before the woman was taken into custody without incident. After being evaluated by EMS, MSP turned the subject over to LPD.

Aerial Refueling reservations for Boston Center, 04SEP

Track     Start(z) End(z) Altitude  Frequencies
AR20(NE)  0800     1000   FL150-280 341.75 349.70
AR212(NE) 1400     1515   FL190-220 238.90 282.70
AR631     1430     1630   FL200-220 295.80 282.70
AR204(NE) 1530     1630   FL240-260 324.60 282.70
AR204(NE) 2300     2359   FL240-260 324.60 282.70

First reservation wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. DEUCE04 refueled NATO C-17 BARTOK57 as the C-17 headed back over towards Europe. Not sure why they needed such a large block for that.

listen to ‘DEUCE04 BARTOK57 04SEP’ on Audioboo

AR-631 was PACK11 refueling NY ANG C-17 POLO99 at FL200. POLO99 then returned to base.

Monday, September 3, 2012

2 year old falls from window in Worcester

This morning, I posted to my twitter and facebook accounts a story of a child falling from a window on Hancock Street in Worcester.
Worcester Police responded to the call at 9:56 this morning and upon arrival found a mother holding her 2 year old son. The boy was alert and crying at the time, and had sustained abrasions to his head. He was transported by ambulance to UMass Hospital. WPD detectives are investigating the circumstances leading up to the fall.