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Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3rd New England military air movements

Times are local, and approximate at best. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions.


13xx MAINE85   ME ANG  KC-135R 58-0098 Departs
1345 PAT904    US Army C-12            Arrives
1353 PAT338    US Army C-12            Departs for Concord NH
1357 REACH707  USAF    C-17A   06-6154 Arrives
1532 REACH707  USAF    C-17A   06-6154 Departs for KVAD

Bradley IAP KBDL

13xx YANKEE21  USAF    C-21A   84-0103 Arrives
13xx YANKEExx  USAF    C-21A   84-0139 Arrives

Burlington IAP KBTV

09xx REACH1030 USAF    M-28    09-0317 Departs for KNIP
09xx REACH1032 USAF    M-28    09-0320 Departs for KNIP

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease KPSM

0420 REACH316  NH ANG  KC-135R 61-0310 Departs for Europe
103x PACK99    NH ANG  KC-135R 62-3506 Departs

Quonset State Airport KOQU

13xx RHODY36   RI ANG  C-130J  05-1436 Arrives

Also Active:

     RHODY10  RI ANG   C-130J  02-1434 
     RHODY41  RI ANG   C-130J  99-1432
0400 CG6002   USCG     MH-60T  6002

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