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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Notes from 22 March

LNG Tanker operations on Mass State Police SOPS-2. Escort secured at 0942.

Customs & Border Patrol activity on 165.2375 P25, no NAC received. Massachusetts 128 calling Sector with ending mileage.
Active again at around 1245, transporting a prisoner from the O'Neill building in Boston to the DRO in Burlington, MA, which sounds like an ICE mission.

Mass State Police Air 4 on patrol out of Plymouth Airport at 1209.

Picked up DHART 2 on Boston Skyways at 1230, sounded like they were headed in to Mass General.

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement was active at Boston Logan on 170.7750 with a NAC of 391. This frequency is active on a daily basis and is unencrypted. The traffic is always of a routine, administrative nature (i.e. "Call the office").

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