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Monday, March 28, 2011

Seabrook Power Plant "Unusual Event"

12:03 The Massachussets Emergency Management Agency came up on the MEMA East channel of the MSP trunked system and announced that they had an advisory for towns in the Seabrook Power Plant area. A roll call was conducted of all of the towns, and MEMA then advised that as of 11:43, the Seabrook Power Station was announcing an "unusual event". They also stated that it was a class or type "HU2".

12:20 Alex Jones tweeted that an "Unusual events are in process or have occurred which indicate a potential degradation of the level of safety of the plant." At the same time, Jane Martin posted on the AlertNewEngland facebook page "Looks like HU2 is "An Unusual Event was declared when: HU2: FIRE within the PROTECTED AREA was not extinguished in within 15 minutes of detection OR EXPLOSION within the PROTECTED AREA" and posted a reference link.

12:36 Unconfirmed reports began coming in that there was still an active fire at the plant.

12:38 Steven Bognar of WBZ tweeted that city of Seabrook Firefighters were not called to the fire, indicating that it was handled by the Plant's internal fire department.

12:55 John Larochelle tweeted that there was a "reported fire in elevator transformer inside complex. No explosion. Situation under control at this time."

13:07 MEMA came back on the radio and announced that the "unusual event" had been terminated at 12:43.

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