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Monday, March 21, 2011

Stolen vehicle in Arlington

Mass State Police just put out a BOLO (Be On the LookOut) for a vehicle that was just stolen from the Stop & Shop parking lot off of Mass Ave. The suspect was described as "wearing a heavy black coat and carrying a large black bag" and reportedly "just got out of one car and entered the stolen vehicle and drove off". No direction of flight was given.

This sounds a little suspicious to me. First, the description is incomplete. It is not uncommon for eyewitness descriptions to be conflicting or even wrong, but in this case, the complainant provides a level of detail about the suspect's coat and bag, but not the more basic facts such as race or an estimated age. Also, if you were watching someone drive off in your car, how did you not know which way they went?

The situation is strange, too. It's very rare that one person gets out of a car and drives off in another. He already has one car, so what does he gain from taking another? In this case, he traded up to a 2004 Mercury. Even if he left a stolen car behind, he's still leaving behind a wealth of evidence. Criminals don't always make smart moves, but this seems above and beyond dumb. If he was worried about there being too much "heat" on the car he was in, it doesn't make much sense to steal another car in a very public place, and especially not in view of the owner.

Everything above is based on transmissions I heard on the MSP side of things. It's possible that APD has more information that didn't get relayed to the troopahs that would make this more sensible.


  1. So you're thinking insurance fraud then? Does sound like it could be.

  2. That's the only thing I can think of. The car has definitely been entered into NCIC as stolen. Everything kind of hinges on what we find out about the car that the suspect left behind.