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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fighter jets practice intercepting aircraft over Glens Falls, NY

F-15's from the Massachusetts Air National Guard conducted exercises today which involved a simulated scramble to intercept targets over Glens Falls, New York. The fighters launched from Barnes, and the role of the unknown aircraft was played by a Civil Air Patrol Cessna.

In this recording you can hear NORAD Northeast Air Defense Sector (call sign HUNTRESS) giving intercept instructions to the two F-15's, call signs SLAM31 and SLAM32. Towards the end of the recording you can hear unrelated traffic from PACK61 flight (two NH ANG refueling tankers) and MOVER30 (KC-10A out of McGuire), who were going to refuel over New Hampshire.

Longer periods of silence between transmissions were edited out to save some space.

F-15 practice intercept over New York by AlertNewEngland

This was all recorded with the setup I'm hoping to turn into a live feed. If you enjoy this, and would like to be able to listen to it live 24/7, please chip in some money to help me offset the cost of the required equipment.


  1. It really irritates me when people forget (or omit) the "s" in "Glens Falls"'s Glens Falls, NY

  2. Thanks, Glenn! I went ahead and fixed that.