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Monday, August 27, 2012

Military Logs, August 26th

Mode S logs:

ADS    Reg.    Flight Lat.     Long.     Alt.   Time        Type Sqwk
AE023C 63-8888 BOLT16  0.00000   0.00000  9400' 00:50:12UTC K35R 6054
AE055F 85-0002 RCH402  0.00000   0.00000 31000' 01:43:50UTC C5   2111
AE023A 62-3520 NATN13 42.17360 -70.32401 37400' 14:46:14UTC K35R 3517
AE06E2 163840          0.00000   0.00000 19200' 18:50:21UTC BE20 5037
AE0578 87-0027 RCH628 43.58826 -71.15472 16700' 21:36:58UTC C5   2534
AE10B9 01-0190 RCH421  0.00000   0.00000 33000' 23:42:01UTC C17  6223

BOLT16 relocated from MacDill AFB in Florida to Pease due to Tropical Storm Isaac, along with a number of other tankers from the 91st Aerial Refueling Squadron

REACH402 is a Dover C-5M that went overseas, last picked up over Austria. 

NATION13 is a NH ANG tanker, probably flying a CAP mission over Camp David, MD. 

REACH628 is a Dover C-5M inbound from overseas. Was en route back to Dover, but chose to land at Westover due to weather.

REACH421 is a Charleston C-17 headed overseas. 

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