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Sunday, July 24, 2011

23 year old medflighted after serious assault at Comcast Center

Boston Medflight responded to the Mansfield Municipal Airport this evening and flew a 23 year old assault victim to the Boston Medical Center. The victim sustained serious wounds to his upper body, reportedly from being kicked repeatedly to the head and torso. The assault happened at the Comcast Center, where Tim McGraw is playing a concert tonight.

UPDATE 7/25 11:55AM: Per Westwood Patch, the victim has been identified as a 19 year old from Westwood, and is still being operated on at BMC.


  1. any news on this victim?

  2. I was at this concert last night. I'm surprised this was the only person seriously injured. I've never seen so many drunk/belligerent 18-22 year old's. I hope he makes a full recovery, this is totally unnecessary and extremely unfortunate.

  3. Sad that it was so out of control.

  4. Not enough police officers seen in the parking lot after the concert. After the concert there were a lot of young 18+ drunk kids causing trouble , throwing their trash everywhere and fighting. This sad incident probably could have been avoided if there was a stronger police presence in the lot after the concert was over. I hope they catch those punks!!