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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Alarm Fire at the Kowloon Restaurant

Fire broke out in a void space above a walk-in freezer at the Kowloon restaurant this afternoon, filling the 2nd floor with smoke. Firefighters called for second alarm companies to respond to the scene, mostly due to strenous conditions cause by the high temperatures outside today.

Matt Tempesta, of the Lynn Daily Item, reports that roofers had been working in the area earlier in the day. The fire damaged the roof in the rear of the building, and owners hope to be able to open tonight.

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  1. kind of strange... they sell flaming pu pu platters to HUNDREDS of drunken clubbers every weekend for at least 30 years, and a roof tile on a hot day sparks TWO ALARMs?? SO WEIRD. LOL So very glad all is ok, and nobody really hurt. Back in business w/ only a lunch crowd not able to go eat.. that's how ya do it in MA.! gotta have out Saturday night Drunk food! at least is summer, so if they did have to close for a bit, everyone can just to to Kelly's... ON THE BEACH.. duh. ;)