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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Standoff at Revere home

Police officers and a SWAT team are attempting to negotiate with a man barricaded inside his house on Dale St. The man is wanted in connection with bank robbery charges, and is believed to be armed.

Some photos from the scene.

UPDATE 9:12PM Josh Brogadir reports that the suspect is a 29 year old male name Armando, and that the house is his mother's, who may be at home. Flash-bang grenades and tear gas have been used.

UPDATE 9:20PM Police believe the suspect is armed with a rifle and holed up in the attic.

UPDATE: 9:33PM Police reports that they have the suspect in custody. He was reportedly taken away in an ambulance. identifies the suspect as Rolando Galo, wanted for a string of bank robberies, including one in Malden last month.

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