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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Help Catch a Burglar

Denis forwarded me the email below. If you live in his neighborhood, keep your eyes open, as their have been a string of burglaries. Also, consider installing tracking software, such as Prey, on your laptop.

Hello Steve,

My condo complex in Savin Hill had a string of break-ins lately, where the perp would break in, collect the valuables and carry them out in any suitable bag he finds in the apartment.  In my case, he made off with a laptop and a bunch of other things, carried away in a Chrome Soma messenger bag.  That bag is very unique-looking, with a big seatbelt buckle on the strap, and would stick out like a sore thumb on anyone who's not a bike messenger or JP hipster.  This happened in Dorchester, so it's pretty safe to assume the guy who made off with my stuff is neither a messenger nor a hipster.  Would you mind making a post on your site asking if anyone saw a shady-looking character walking around with a large camera bag and a Chrome Soma backpack?  Your site gets tons of hits - who knows, maybe someone saw him?  That lowlife robbed six apartments over the past two months, lots of people will be very happy if he gets busted.  Just have people mail me if they saw anything.  Here's what the bag looks like: Chrome Soma Messenger Bag

Chrome Soma Laptop Messenger Bag, (Black/Red) 

Keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary, and stay safe.

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